About us

Zoom Bag is premier laundry services and the India’s largest Laundry chain which cater just you’re next door which serves all your daily laundry needs and making Dry cleaning services no longer a plan to make or a thing to think about. A premium service with the best of its quality with all modern technique at the best affordable commercials. Zoom Bag is a revaluation in the laundry industry.

To bring India’s one of the biggest but the most scattered market under one umbrella. The main objective is to bring a premium Laundry service just to your next door. To bring the laundry service a part of digital India which will bring the laundry industry on the tip of anyone’s finger which also support cashless economy.  This will give the laundry maker a proper objective to their work. Bring an opportunity for all the retailers across the country to have an option of an additional income. Will create new work opportunity and will encourage entrepreneurs to live their dream.